Corporate Offerings

Heather has worked with numerous organizations to deliver programming in Mindfulness, Wellness, Communication, and Leadership training. While she is primarily trained as a veterinarian, she has delivered training sessions for government, and the private sector including the Government of PEI, Zoetis Animal Health, COWS Inc, and EA Sports. For Veterinary specific offerings, please see HERE.

Her government and private sector offerings include:

gg58194062Meditation and the Stress Response:
This 3 hour interactive workshop is an introduction to mindfulness and meditation, with a chance to practice several different meditation styles.

Adopting a daily mindfulness meditation practice can offer much needed respite from the busyness of an over scheduled life, but many people feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable with meditation. Like anything, meditation is a learned skill that takes time and practice. This interactive workshop is an introduction to the concepts and practices of mindfulness & meditation. It introduces participants to the benefits of a regular meditation practice and explains how meditation reduces the stress response. We will take a good look at stress and how it impacts our bodies and minds, both negatively and positively. Participants will have an opportunity to practice a variety of styles of meditation, and will leave with tips and tricks for helping to adopt meditation as part of a regular daily practice. Mindfulness is a major focus of this workshop and participants will have a chance to experience several mindfulness exercises including mindful eating, mindful walking, body scan and the mindful minute. Handouts and 3 recorded meditations to assist with your practice will be provided.

Mindfulness Primer:
A 1 1/2 hour intro to mindfulness course.

This is a shorter version of the 3 hour stress and meditation workshop with the focus solely on mindfulness and not other styles of meditation. We will not go into as much detail about the stress response, but the benefits of mindfulness are explored and participants have an opportunity to practice mindfulness exercises. Handouts and 1 recorded mindfulness meditation to assist with your practice will be provided.


Layers of Personality:

This 4 hour facilitated workshop introduces participants to the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI), a tool for understanding personality and the relationship awareness theory. Similarly to Myers-Briggs, DISC, or Insights personality tools, the SDI is useful for helping individuals become more aware of their own personality traits and the traits of others. What makes this tool substantially more unique is that it focuses on motivations, which drive our behavours. It is also simple to understand and “sticky.” Participants comment frequently on how easy it is to not only remember their own profiles but those of their team, in order to facilitate more effective communication and interaction. It is highly visual and honours differences among participants. The entire focus of the SDI is around the motivational value system and the conflict sequence as a way to understand how you are motivated and act when in things are going well and when you are in a conflict state. This powerful tool has been used in many industries. Heather is a certified facilitator of the SDI and has been teaching this tool for the past 3 years to students in the 2nd year DVM program at the Atlantic Veterinary College, and the reviews of that class are always exceptional, with students commenting on how powerful the SDI is for providing insight on themselves and for working more effectively in teams. For organizations, this invaluable tool can be used to promote a high-performing team environment, or can be used to help a team in conflict better understand why this may be occurring and how to more effectively work with each other.

SDI_HGMNature space yoga is also pleased to put together custom workshops, retreats or presentations for organizations around a variety of wellness topics (incorporating yoga, movement or breathing exercises if desired).  Pricing for the above workshops and offerings varies depending on the requirements of the organization and the number of participants. Please contact Nature Space for pricing information.

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