Class Information

Class Style:

DSC_2135cropClasses are primarily taught in the Vinyasa style of Hatha Yoga Practice. On occasion, Heather will teach Yin or Chair style classes. Classes are designed for all levels and beginners are welcome. Each evening starts with a 5-10 minute introduction to the theme of the class, and to the poses that will be part of the flow sequence. This allows participants to become familiar with the postures, prior to working with them in a flow. Heather will provide modification options for more advanced yogis or beginners wanting to challenge themselves.

All of our classes are invitatory in nature, meaning that participants are not forced outside of their comfort zone in either their participation or in instructor assists/adjustments. As a veterinarian with a detailed level of knowledge in anatomy and physiology, Heather takes a great deal of care and attention to assisting participants and helping to adjust poses in order to help individuals realize the maximal benefits of the postures. Not everyone is comfortable with touch, thus Yes/No tokens are provided to each participant at the beginning of class to allow them to indicate whether or not they would appreciate assists or adjustments.

Each class ends with a meditation that is linked to the theme of the class. Examples of classes include sun (gentle vinyasa flow), space (twisting and side body work), wind (breath awareness), fire (vinyasa for fitness), mountain (grounding core class), water (vinyasa flow), and changing seasons/full moon (yin-style).

Class Location:

Our Summer, Beach Yoga classes will take place at Lighthouse Beach in St. Peter’s Harbour. For more information on the location of the Lighthouse Beach please refer to the Beach Yoga Page.

Late Spring and early Fall class offerings will take place in the pavilion at Leo Rossiter Park in Morell, PEI (aka Morell Waterfront Park).

Location of Leo Rossiter Park
The Pavilion from the Morell River

When the weather gets cold, late Fall, Winter, and early Spring class offerings will take place at Peter Gordon Memorial United Church in Morell located at 14 Church Street in Morell, PE.

Peter Gordon Memorial United

What do I need to bring:

Nature Space provides natural cork yoga blocks and organic cotton straps; however, you will need your own yoga mat. We do meditation at the end of class, and many people like to bring their own blanket and/or cushion for that purpose. There are additional recommendations for beach yoga. Please refer to the Summer Beach Yoga page.


“When I go into nature, it’s like going to see a teacher, being able to go from the ruts or stuckness into an atmosphere that is full of wisdom. There’s very little for me to do other than be open to the prana that’s available in nature. For me, it’s the ultimate yoga.” ~Randal Williams


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